Modai Concept Talks of the Smarter Phone

January 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you think your smartphone does pretty much anything? Well, you are conceptually wrong.

There are many more things a smartphone can do, and a New Yorker named Julius Tarng has come up with more additions to the functionality of a smartphone with his new concept. The Modai concept phone can apparently understand you and adapt according to your behavior.

It is like the phone has a mind of its own. For instance, it can help strike a balance between work and play, by filtering content on your homescreen and present the most relevant info at that time.

It does more. There is a muscle-wired Peelstand on the back of the phone, which enables it to move and alert you to new messages, calls, or alarms.

It can even detect when you oversleep or are late for a meeting. When it runs out of battery, the cover on the phone’s charging port will automatically open, indicating it needs more juice.

Tarng also sees the Modai giving contextual prompts based on location. For instance, if you are at a bus stop or out for lunch, the phone could help out by displaying a bus schedule or today’s lunch specials while you wait.

What’s more, the device can also be silenced by placing your finger against the earpiece in a shush-ing motion. Amazing, right?

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