FREE MOO Facebook Business Cards

January 5, 2012, By George Lang

Not often do we run across something truly 100% valuable, and truly 100% FREE; but you truly must 100% hurry! The first 200,000 Facebook Timeline customers will receive a bundle of fifty customized business cards FREE, starting yesterday, Wednesday, January 4th and running until reaches the 200,000 order limit. Refer to the video at the end of this article.

Facebook account holders must first make sure they have activated their Timeline profiles. Click here for directions on how to activate your Timeline profile as described in a previous DeviceMAG article. You must then go to your Facebook Contact information page and click on the small business card icon. will walk you through the simple process from there. The result will look something like this, but with your picture and information.

This offer is totally free for a limited time only, and will not last long. even pays shipping costs. Beyond the offer period, you can re-order more cards and purchase other MOO products and accessories at their website. There is room on the back of the card for a catch phrase; MOO defaults to your favorite Facebook sayings, but you can change it to anything you want.

Remember, this offer won’t last long. In fact, we at DeviceMAG are quite surprised it exists at all; after all, 50 x 200,000 equals ten million free cards! Let me repeat that, for those who didn’t hear me the first time: 50 x 200,000 equals ten million free cards! Plus, let’s assume the postage is bulk at around $0.20 per pop; that equals $40,000 in shipping costs! Let me repea… Ahh… Never mind. Here’s the video.

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