Red Scarlet-X 4K Camera Sees Huge Demand Despite Hefty Price Tag [Video Review]

January 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Shutterbugs, try this out! What we are talking about is a high-end camera from Red, christened Scarlet-X 4K. Offering native 4K recording, the snapper could be something many of you out there have been waiting to play with.

Besides 4K recording, the camera has a body built with a strong material, and that allows for rough usage. The tough exterior could be one reason why people are running behind it despite its price.

Red’s Scarlet-X 4K has been backordered, and there are not enough pieces left for you to pick despite the hefty price of $9,700 for the start range models.

The company has begun delivery of the device to select customers since November and in a very shot span of time it has been backordered. With the Scarlet-X 4K, you will be able to record videos at 25 FPS at a resolution of 4096 X 2160 pixels.

The 3K shooting brings a speed of 48 FPS, while 2K clicks can be done at a speed of up to 120FPS.

Each level down, the shutter speed increases two-fold! There is a 35-level sensor, which helps you to shoot at 5K at a speed of 12FPS frame speed.

The product is available in several other options.  A SSD storage enabled device having an aluminum Canon mounting is obtainable at a price of $11,700. A Titanium-mounted equipment is also available at a higher price. We guess the company may provide a variety of options in the future. The demand surely has been giving Red reasons to smile.

Are you someone who has laid your hands on the Red snapper? Do not hesitate to tell  us your experience.

Here’s a two-part video review of the Scarlet-X 4K from the folks at Cinema 5D.

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