“Path” to Private Social Networking Bliss

January 4, 2012, By George Lang

Are all of us Facebook morons cluttering up your social networking experience? Get rid of us now with the Path app for mobile devices! Do we post too many pictures of cute little kittens and puppies to your Facebook page? You can cut off all our proverbial animal-loving posts today by downloading Path. (See the video at the end of the article.)

Path is the newly-relaunched social networking app for iPhone and Android mobile devices. It started in version one as a photo-sharing application. By upgrading to version two, users adopt a miniature version of Facebook complete with many of the features of its new journal-like Timeline release.

“Path is now basically a stream of comments, check-ins, photos, videos and other kinds of  content (including when you fall asleep and wake up).” (Lynley, Business Insider) I’m not a big fan of all that Foursquare products have to offer, so letting even my closest friends know every little thing I do and every place I go just does not appeal to me.

Nonetheless, over one million users are now subscribed to Path, despite the fact that it is currently only available on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Their website advertising plugs the cozy aspects of familial connection while assuring us that “outside” sharing on Facebook and Twitter is still an option. The outside allusion refers to Path’s 150 friend limit; it is currently designed to house only your closest friends and family, unlike Facebook and Twitter which tend to become houses of the unholy masses at times.

“Because Path is a smaller network that’s built for the people you love — the closest friends and family in your life — people are willing to share more intimate content as a result of that,” said Matt Van Horn, a vice president at Path. (Baker at MSNBC via Reuters) This could be a good thing!

So, I must conclude, although I am not a fan of sharing it all, I am making the switch ASAP. The next time I see cute and cuddly kittens or puppies on my Facebook Wall, I am going to start using Path exclusively!

Path – Introducing Path 2 from Path on Vimeo.

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