AT&T Nokia Ace High-Voltage Promotion to Cost $100 Million

January 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you hear about this? It is being believed that AT&T might confer a Halo status to the Nokia Ace handset, while it makes its debut on the carrier this March.

The assumption arises from the fact that the company is pushing Nokia Ace through promos and advertisements in an unprecedented manner.

AT&T is supposed to be the primary partner for the Windows Phones. The extra care given for the Nokia Ace makes us think that the carrier is giving much importance to the Microsoft partnership.

In the meantime, we also hear grapevine murmur that alleges AT&T is not giving all their attention to Microsoft’s OS.

To advertise the device, the cost estimated to be incurred is to the tune of around $100 million. However, it is still unknown, which among the three companies would spend the amount for marketing run.

The companies participating in the deal are Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T. The pressure will be on Nokia and AT&T since Microsoft has already paid billions to Nokia for the deal.

Nokia is expected to reveal Ace by next week. The demand for the phone in the US market will be directly related to the fate of Microsoft Phones in their home country. The experience so far, is not so promising. The overall share of Windows Phone in US market is low, while globally it is 1.5 percent.

Considering that the venture has been successful, there is a chance that Microsoft pushes another phone in the Hero lineup by the end of the year. Everything depends on how people welcome the Nokia Ace. What is your take on this?

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