No, Symbian is not Dead; Continues to be Leader in Smartphone Web Browsing

January 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We had a general feeling that Symbian is going down the popularity terrain, with the invention of newer platforms that offered more sophisticated features.

Such a conclusion could be drawn from a rough worldwide shipment figure analysis, but the reality is much different.

Symbian continues to be the leader in smartphone web browsing, or that is what analysis by StatCounter reveals. Statcounter is an application that counts web usage.

The figures show that the Symbian took over about 33.55 percent share in smartphone web browsing, from a previously 30.25 percent recorded during the start of the previous year.

The iOS marked a decrease in usage from 22.61 percent in December as against 25.02 percent during early last year.

Android showed a significant increase from 14.61 percent at the start of previous year to 21.76 percent in December.

The most unfortunate record is Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS fell from 15.03 percent in January to 7.82 percent.

However, the recent device market share statistics shows a different situation. The figures say that Android possess 52.5 percent market share, which is well ahead of Symbian with 16.9 percent, iOS having 15 percent and BlackBerry with11 percent.

Also, it suggests that Symbian has been a market leader until very recently, and still has the potential to emerge on top.

The reason why a huge fraction of population use Symbian is that  Nokia sells a lot of affordable handsets which run on the platform.

Symbian offers a limited number of applications, so people are more prone to go online, compared to iOS and Android.

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