Gavio Prescribes The Pill Docking Speaker to Charm Your iPod nano

January 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gavio is in the mood to give the iPod nano owners a beautiful New Year Gift. Excited? Yes, the Singapore based company has introduced their latest product – The Pill. This is not the medicinal pill you think, but a big pill-shaped docking speaker compatible with the sixth-generation iPod nanos.

The encapsulated speaker has a holder in the center, where the iPod nano is placed freely. The speaker system consists of a dock case that ejects, when the button is pressed. After the iPod nano is easily set into the case, the dock is closed and the speaker system gets activated.

You can control the docked iPod nano by directly touching on the touchscreen. The speaker system will allow the users to shuffle the music tracks and adjust their volume.

The Pill that measures 147mm in length and and 48mm breadth will easily fit into your pockets. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t revealed the technical and price details of the portable speaker system.

The smart compact speaker is now open for pre-order at the company website. It seems The Pill will be coming in silver-silver, silver/white-red, silver/white-blue, and silver/white-black color combinations.

This is indeed a wonderful gift right? Are you going for The Pill?

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