Windows Phone 7 Handsets get 4G LTE Band Support; HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel to Make Way

December 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We saw a bagful of smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system emerge this year, and they have had a nice going for starters. But the lack of a 4G LTE band support did restrict their stride.

Without fast 4G LTE mobile broadband support, these devices relied mainly on 3G CDMA or 4G HSPA+ protocol for GSM devices. But now, the software giant and its hardware partners are going all out on 4G LTE support for Windows Phone.

We will be treated to a crop of 4G LTE Windows Phone handsets in the New Year, especially if the rumors are true, from HTC and Samsung. The Taiwanese company is rumored to be working on a handset that’s been kept under tight wraps, and all we know is a codename-Radiant.

The more closeted the secret is, the higher the speculations are bound to be. And so the rumor mill spins high with the speculated OS for the Radiant; the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS called Tango, which succeeds the Mango build.

The Electronics giant, on the other hand, is cooking up a device of the codename Mandel, with a large display. And by large, we mean bigger than the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display found on the company’s Mango-powered Focus S.

And these are not the only companies working with a codename. Nokia too is rumored to launch their handset, currently disguised under the name of Nokia Ace (which, everyone says, is the Lumia 900).

Official announcements are expected during CES, this January, but I doubt whether we will get to see a debutant. Most probably, the companies will rally for a MWC introduction in February or wait till the CTIA in spring.

With LTE in tow, Windows Phone might find the New Year a lot more favorable than the one they are leaving behind. I wouldn’t say no to one.

Would you?

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