Sci-Fi Brothel to Open Near Vegas; Alien Beauties or Ethereal Experience

December 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever dream of seeking carnal pleasure in space? Aboard a spaceship, dates with other-worldly beings of the opposite sex?

Then for your dreams to come true, pack your bags and set off to Sin City. The foundation stone for a soon-to-be sci-fi brothel is laid just northwest of Vegas.

Now this was the only thing missing in the Land of Casinos. And it sure came pulsating through the millionaire, Dennis Hof, the HBO reality TV pimp. He’s named it The Alien Cathouse.

I wonder what breeds of cats would be there preening their whiskers! What comes to your mind?

Exotic, sexy alien-womenfolk strutting around in high heels or colorful, little green ladies straddling their tails? Whatever this snazzy brothel inhabits, it’s not yet known to the outside world.

All they say is that men (not necessarily!) from far and near will be offered “girls from another world”. If not the girls, at least their costumes might be other-worldly.

For Hof has reportedly roped in none other than the Hollywood Madam, Heidi Fleiss to design cloths for his celestial beauties. A rundown brothel, about 90 miles to the northwest of Vegas, has been reportedly brought by Dennis Hof.

There’s a gas station and a convenience store in the vicinity, so customers won’t be out of provisions. The three together are being called as “The Area 51 Alien Travel Center.”

And no, it’s not because it’s placed smack down in Area 51. But the fact that the Nevada Test Site is only a short distance away as the crow flies, the science fiction aspect comes into play.

The brothel won’t be opening up in time for CES, so some may be left disappointed. Early February is a good assumption for an open house, and I’m sure on the first day, the Brothel grounds would be filled with ‘ships’ from other lands.

Hof is dealing cards of your wildest imaginations and the dealt cards are sure to be a success for the master.

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