Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Get Software Update; ICS Still Elusive

December 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners have been patiently waiting for a Christmas treat from Verizon. And their patience has been granted a gift under the Christmas tree.

Verizon’s system update documentation speaks of an update to the Galaxy Tab 10.1. And while it might not be the gift you wanted (by which, of course, I mean the Ice Cream Sandwich), the update is nevertheless a welcome spring with lots of goodies.

The update will bring up your system software to I905-EL01, towing in the TouchWiz UX update along with other interesting features that would have Samsung’s mini apps swimming in your Tab.

Owners will be gifted with a new Social Hub widget, as well as photo editing capabilities, and if you are an avid reader of the paper, you can enjoy with The Daily. The Daily is a news app that “allows users to access the best of print, web and broadcast news from around the world.”

Other goodies in the package are fixes for security, Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility, additional support for more WiFi routers, DivX, email and built-in support for “industry standard VPN clients”. The update was last heard to be in the hands of WiFi model adopters, so we might see it fly out soon.

The date for the roll out has not been announced, but it sure is around the corner. So all we have to do now is wait for the Ice Cream Sandwich to come knocking on our Tabs.

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