Microsoft Windows Phone Roadmap Leaks; Makes Tango and Apollo Future Visible

December 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now, this could be something you were looking for. An official roadmap of Microsoft’s Windows Phone has leaked.

The document discloses information about Microsoft’s future additions on Windows Phones. The roadmap may be seen as really helpful for those who are anticipating new mobile enhancements from the Microsoft stables.

Going by what we see in the leaked document, Microsoft will release Windows 7 phones as smart, high-end and very distinguished products.

Following up on the release of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango in the second quarter of next year, Microsoft will also release their Tango by that time of 2012.

All these updates will include new features, languages and would reveal many more innovations.

From the roadmap, we need to assume that Tango might disappoint some of the mobile lovers, since it tries to incorporate the Windows 7 Phone OS on low end devices, for the ‘best prices’ and might come to you in the second quarter of next year. Besides, there is a rumor that the Nokia Lumia too will support Tango.

Another aspect we get to learn form the document is that Microsoft’s next major update would be Apollo, which is expected to come in the fourth quarter this year.

Apollo is expected to bring in integrated NFC support, and might add more to positioning framework for GPS, which could locate your position.

With Apollo, Microsoft could pocket their objectives of enabling release of high-end super phones, increasing the volume in market, and address the need of business.

Do you think Microsoft is on the right track?

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