HP TouchPad Gets MIUI Beta Version

December 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The other day we saw the HP TouchPad Go getting reviewed up as being better than the original TouchPad, even though the slate didn’t see the light of the day. And since webOS was reeled in by the company, the TouchPad has faded out to some extent in the community.

But even then, the platform is getting flowered upon by the Android mod community. The latest info gathered recounts of the MIUI version of Android which has reached the beta stage.

Though the version doesn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with the CyanogenMod 7 for the TouchPad, the MIUI has strutted out after a stint in the alpha phase. The version tows along a distinctive UI to the hardware.

When looked at from some angles, MIUI does resemble HP’s webOS (at least the visual style does). The ROM runs quite fine with a few scattered bugs including MIUI’s standard Launcher2 modification.

You get an alternative in the beta ROM- GO Launcher. And it would be better if you download SoftKeys or Button Saviour, because the menu system might seem a tad difficult to work with the tablet’s single iPad-like button.

The theme engine of the MIUI is chugging along nicely and you can also flash the ROM through ClockworkMOD. So all in all, the version looks to run fine.

Since the company had decided to open source the platform, some heavily customized versions of the TouchPad’s original software should surface soon. You can also expect a few ports of Android hardware.

If you want to try out the MIUI, then download it from here.

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