Android Celebrates Christmas with 3.7 Million Activations

December 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android is blasting its way through the masses. And Christmas seems to have given it a reason to do so.

A whopping 3.7 million Android devices were activated over the holy weekend. And that’s not counting the factory data resets and upgrades.

December 24th and 25th of this year would mark a milestone in Android calendar, but I have no doubt that the platform would excel its own feat in the coming months. Wonder what the number would have been if, along with the first time activations, the ROM try outs were included.

The start of December was welcomed by an announcement from Andy Rubin that on an average, about 700,000 activations per day were taking place. Taking that number into account, Christmas Eve and Christmas day show only 2.5 times the number of activations on a normal day.

December of 2010 saw around 300,000 activations per day, and the number quickly rose to 500,000 in June this year. But does that seem really surprising?

I mean, the numbers definitely do shout out, but considering that Android is one of the top competitor in the market, eying the top spot with iOS in the side, it just isn’t that shocking.

Compared to last year, Android has grown considerably, becoming more refined with more new features and a wide array of handsets. Customers are opting for better, affordable Android handsets over the simple feature phones they got for last Christmas.

When Mobile/Tablet Operating System Market Share is taken into consideration, we can see a bleak future for feature phones, while Android is plowing ahead in full steam. The platform has taken up Windows Mobile’s share, rising from 2% to 15%.

If the current trend continues, which I am sure it will, then the time is not far off when Android will put a step ahead of iOS.

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