Apple iPhone 5 Born Again at the Rumor Mill

December 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The iPhone 5 rumors went into hiding with the launch of the iPhone 4S. But they have resurfaced, giving us yet another thing to look forward to next year.

The grapevine murmur is that the next gen iPhone is due next fall.

Also, the iPhone is said to come sporting a whole new look, with rubber or plastic material as a bezel, to join the glass iPhone face with a new aluminum back plate.

It will also cover a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the device, so that there is no need of a plastic strip on the back of the phone, like on the iPad and iPod Touch.

If you do not remember, there have been reports earlier about the next gen iPhone with aluminum case. It was said that Apple was cooking up a model with flat metal back, and that the smartphone would have a 4 inch panel, and also that be changed to a metal chassis instead of reinforced glass. But as we said, the iPhone 4S launch managed to silence it for a while.

iPhone 4 and 4S owners do have the option of turning the glass back of your device to metal. But hey, that is from third party case manufacturers and going ahead to replace the back for whatever reason will void your warranty. So think twice.

Or wait for the new iPhone.

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