Intel Thunderbolt to Become Public in April 2012

December 27, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Thunderbolt will strike down next year. Intel has announced, or rather notified, the company’s partners that the Thunderbolt technology will be out in the open in April 2012.

Major PC makers are already en route to launching motherboards, desktop PCs and notebooks that support Thunderbolt. As of now, Apple is the only company whose products are shipped out with the Thunderbolt technology.

In order to hasten the standardization of the Thunderbolt, Intel is working closely with the Cupertino-based company. Since the technology has seen a rise in demand, the chip-maker is looking to publicize the technology.

The chip is priced at more than $20 and the solution runs a conflict with the USB 3.0 with respect to the next-generation data transmission technology. Because of these factors, initially, the Thunderbolt chip didn’t fare well with the IT industry when Intel announced the technology.

But Apple incorporated the technology into its monitor, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Mini and since then the chip has garnered more fans. By the second quarter of 2012, the adoption of the technology is expected to fall, which would help standardize the technology in the future.

We hear that Sony is looking to adopt the technology into the company’s products, while Asustek Computer is also gearing to incorporate Thunderbolt into their high-end notebook line-up.

Gigabyte Technology, a competitor to Asustek and ASRock, is rumored to release a Thunderbolt-supported motherboard in April 2012, so as to keep up with the competition.

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