Samsung Android Powered Smart TV Set for CES 2012 Showcase [Teaser Video]

December 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Most of the major brands are expected to come out with new products at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012. And we know, they have been working to introduce newer sets of updates to their older products too.

The latest on that front is that Samsung is all set to introduce their Smart HDTV with amazing new features. The company is expected to bring out high definition TVs that are powered by Android at the CES 2012.

But, the Samsung’s line of approach is a little different. They are changing the devices starting from the roots. Samsung has a long history of success in the business of Smart HD TVs.

Just as a teaser video reveals, Samsung is to release a Smart TV that is devoid of a remote controller. These HDTV is likely to be controlled by Mobile Devices, and will be out in CES 2012.

Yes, we know that smartphone controlled TVs are nothing new to you. Google and Logitech have introduced the technique, in the form of an app, shortly after the appearance of Android in 2010. But, Samsung is introducing the feature that works only for Samsung devices.

Android has got yet another field to grow. It seems Android is an inevitable part in almost all the parts of modern life. Now, the bigger question is what would be the fate of previous version of smart TV based on non-Android platform?

Should Samsung abandon their current platform for Android? Leave your opinion here.

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