Sony PlayStation Vita is a Huge Success in Japan, 321400 Units Sold in 2 Days

December 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember, Sony’s newest portable gaming device PlayStation Vita made its debut in Japan on Saturday. It is estimated that Sony sold 321400 pieces in the first two days.

The figure proves that Sony is sitting pretty on their terrain in the country. However, the number is 50000 units fewer than what was achieved by Nintendo 3DS in the first two days, back in February.

The statistics have been revealed by research firm Enterbrain. Even though the figures in initial days are promising, Sony feels that they should live up to the expectation of customers to sustain the competition posed by the rivals.

Nintendo, after attaining a huge success in the first days, saw problems starting to show up. There weren’t many compelling games on that device, and the company was forced to drop the prices for the 3DS later on.

Of course, the Nintendo 3DS is a worthy opponent for the Sony PlayStation Vita. But both have common enemies in the electronics market  – smartphones and tablets. In the first place a smartphone or a tablet is a multipurpose device.

Another thing is that, a lot of cheaper or even free apps and games are available on such devices. These factors could deter people from buying a gaming device like Play Station Vita.

A recent study by Flurry Analytics comes as disturbing for both the giants. The study has predicated that Sony and Nintendo will take away only 42 percent of the revenue in gaming market as against 82 percent two years back.

Sony is expected to release the device in US and Europe in February 2012, selling Wi-Fi version for $250 and 3G enabled models for $300.

What do you the Vita to tell us when it comes to sales numbers a few months from now?

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