Microsoft-Nokia and Amazon Pining to Take Over RIM

December 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Following the decline in market share, and the struggle to stay alive in market, Research in Motion stands a chance to be taken over by Amazon or the Nokia- Microsoft joint venture.

RIM is already witnessing a down turn in the sales of BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet, in competition with Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android OS, and Microsoft’s Windows 7 enabled devices.

The Canadian company, however, is trying to stay away from decline by providing attractive offers. They are working on improving the software, fixing issues with its OS and releasing new models to win the battle.

We hear Amazon has hired an investment adviser to examine the prospects of taking over RIM. Further developments on this are not available as yet. Still, it is accounted that RIM’s board of directors have asked the company’s CEOs to focus on fixing the issue with software rather than selling the company. Information is blurred as to whether the adviser met with the executive of RIM over the taking over issue.

Apparently, selling the company or an economic joint venture is not in the RIM portfolio, while they maintain that their primary focus will be to fix all those issues with the Operating System.

It is being said that informal discussions are now on between Nokia and Microsoft, with regard to take over of RIM. Confirmed reports are yet to come about, though.

However, RIM is hurrying to release their new Operating System, BlackBerry 10, at the heart of these issues.  That makes us stay away from any hasty forecast on the future of RIM. We would love to hear what you feel about all these.

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