Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Issue to be Addressed with Software Fix

December 20, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was not very long since owners of the Nokia Lumia 800 started complaining about the poor battery life of their handset. The Finnish phone maker has now come up with a fix to address the problem.

Nokia’s European community manager Michaels has said that they have noticed comments on various social media regarding the poor battery life of Nokia Lumia 800.

They started an investigation on those comments, and have confirmed that it is just a software problem that does not help to access full battery capacity on some variants and that the battery itself is just fine.

In response to the complaints from Nokia Lumia 800 users, the company is expected to issue software patches, which include many more features, early next year to fix the issue.

For those who can’t wait that long can contact Nokia, and can request replacement of their handset. However, the company stressed that this issue is not found on the recently introduced Nokia Lumia 700.

It is possible to check your Lumia 800 for battery backup issue, before your phone starts to show up symptoms. For this, you have to run the battery status test from the diagnostic tool already installed on your phone.

To access diagnostic tool, dial ##634#. Accept the disclaimer, and select ‘Battery Status’ from the list of options to know your battery capacity.

If your full charge capacity reads less than 1000 mAh, your phone is affected and you should act accordingly.

Tell us your experience with your Lumia 800.

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