FREE! Holiday WiFi from Skype

December 20, 2011, By George Lang

Skype is playing Santa for the holidays! From December 21st until the 27th, FREE WiFi Internet access will be available at fifty airports in the lower forty eight states and Alaska. This could come in very handy, particularly for travelers who may become stranded due to flight delays.

Simply download and install the Skype software (BEFORE you leave for the airport) and, as long as you are within range of participating third-party WiFi services offered at those selected airports (click here for interactive map), you will have access to FREE video and voice phone calls to anyone; such as your loved ones, or to transportation and lodging services; or you can just browse the Web and check your email. You will need to set up a Skype account before you leave as well.

Included on the list of participating airports are San Francisco, Baltimore/Washington, Newark Liberty, and Boston Logan International airports. Click on Skype WiFi to download the software and for more information on the online communication company’s service.

The Skype service is compatible with Windows PCs, Mac, and iOS devices. “To get started make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of Skype for Windows or Skype for Mac, or have downloaded the Skype WiFi app on your iOS device. Once you have signed in with a valid Skype ID, check your wireless network connection to see if you are in a supported hotspot” (Skype).

Some airports offer free WiFi Internet access already. For instance, Pittsburg Airport; and Philadelphia International is free for students with college IDs. Interestingly enough, Skype is saying that Sacramento International is one of their free spots, but the Califonia airport is listed as having free WiFi already (Free WiFi). Check your airline as well. Many offer free WiFi in their VIP club lounges.

Skype is able to make this holiday offer because its Skype WiFi service gets between you and the non-free wireless providers at the airports and pays the average 6 cents per minute on your behalf. Happy Holidays!

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