Windows 8 Picture Passwords Detailed

December 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has revealed the details of Windows’ native picture password login, which is more geared towards the tablet interface as it requires touchscreen functionality.

The log in process will be carried out in two steps. First, you will have to choose a photo of your own rather than selecting from a bunch chosen by Microsoft.

Then you need to trace a pattern on the touchscreen that will unlock their PCs. Microsoft found that limiting the amount of available gestures was over three times faster on average than a freeform method, at four seconds versus about 17.

So you can only tap or trace a line or a circle in the image. Microsoft also takes into account the direction of the gesture along with the start and end points of the circles and lines users drew.

In other words, it remembers the directionality of the gestures. Picture login cannot be used in remote and network scenarios

Wrong gestures will deny a login, but there is an amount of acceptable difference between how close to the original imprint users get.

Five unsuccessful attempts will lock out the PC until you can log in with a plain text backup method. Head here to know more on this.

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