Apple iPhone 4S Ad Stars Santa with Siri

December 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Santa has come a little early. And this time it’s not through your chimney, but through your television set.

Through the Apple TV commercial, to be precise. The Cupertino-based company has roped in Santa Claus for featuring an ad based on the company’s iPhone 4S voice control ability.

The commercial show’s Santa seeking Siri’s help to deliver the Christmas gifts around the world. The TV ad starts with Santa asking Siri locations to a house, after which Siri is shown displaying the directions with the help of the iOS Google Maps application.

It seems Santa has grown a bit too lazy over the years. Otherwise, what is the need for him to ask the weather in Cleveland, and that too in winter?

Moreover, the technology-savvy Santa is seen taking a message from Mrs Claus. And Old Father Christmas is certainly shown with failing memory, as he needs his iPhone 4S to check in on his appointments.

I wonder how many kids this winter will get their trees piled up with gifts! Looks like Santa’s elves are either a little too busy or have grown all lazy through summer.

The commercial reminds us of Apple’s Santa-based Facetime Ad of last winter. Along with this on-going Siri commercial, Apple is airing new iPhone 4S camera and iCloud ads too.

How would the New Year’s ad be? Any ideas?

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