Apple App Makers in a Frenzy to Make the Deadline

December 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you happen to meet an iOS developer today, you will find him all edgy and ready to run off. Don’t be alarmed, for he’s just anxious about pushing his app into the Apple App Store before Santa slides down the chimney.

The final countdown is on and the Apple’s review team is counting the seconds before the annual holiday shutdown. The last date is Thursday after which no one will be able to hand in their developments.

That is, there won’t be any one left to take up the work until well after the holidays. So, all those who have iPhone and iPad apps to roll out it would be better to hand them in sooner than regret it later.

This snippet we caught hold of from The New York Times. Jenna Wortham has let it be known in The Times that:

“Christmas is the biggest day of the year for app sales, which can mean big money for developers. That is, if they manage to get their apps through Apple’s review process and into the App Store before everyone at Apple goes on vacation.

Each year around Christmas, Apple stops accepting app submissions and updating its store for a while. This year the shutdown starts on Thursday and runs for eight days.”

The job’s a tad more difficult for Apple’s app developers when compared to Android app developers. Anyone who works on software for iOS needs Apple’s approval unlike Android developers who can let their works be publicized anytime.

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