Truck Load of BlackBerry PlayBooks Stolen; Valued Between $1.7 Million and $5 Million

December 17, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

BlackBerry PlayBooks have had some success in the market and have sold quite a number of units. But someone has taken an immense liking to the gadget that they have run off with a truckload of the BlackBerry product.

A semi -tractor truck shipping the gadgets from Bright Point Distribution Centre to Ontario,Canada, was stolen. And along with the vehicle went the RIM slates too.

According to the police, the theft took place while the driver of the truck stopped at the Pilot Travel Centre off State Road 67, west of Interstate 69.

The driver had apparently left the vehicle to get a bite to eat and take a shower. But when returned an hour later, he found the parking space empty. The truck was reported to be carrying 22 pallets of tablets, in addition to the driver’s computer, credit cards and clothing.

Bright Point folks told the police that they didn’t have any tracking devices attached to the shipment. Officer Mike Milbourn has reported that Neal Freeman, who is an agent with the FBI, has been contacted for assistance.

The Interstate Theft Task Force has also been roped in to assist the investigation. Freeman said that stolen goods are usually dragged to Miami.

The stolen BlackBerry PlayBooks, depending on their versions, have been estimated to value around $1.7 million – $5 million. As of now, the police have no suspects.

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