Socialize This!

December 17, 2011, By George Lang

Things were quite simpler only ten years ago; my social network included some local friends in the music business and a few others who dabbled in technology. The only time I saw them was when they came over my house or when I went over theirs. Now, my social network haunts me daily with those same loveable folks’ posting a plethora of pictures and videos of not only themselves and their friends, but kittens! Cute little kittens which have to make an appearance on my private Facebook page!

In an effort to keep up, my tablets’ software manufacturers decided they were going to make me see those same little kittens on my iPad and Kindle Fire. And just recently, as if to add insult to injury, I found them scampering all over my smartphone. The next thing you know, they’ll socialize this!


Suunto® X10 Military GPS Wristop Watch for Men


All I want for Christmas is this computerized watch; albeit costs $649.99 (Bass Pro Shops). I do not want a hippopotamus, I do not want my two front teeth (although I’ll probably need at least one soon), and the Twelve Days of Christmas could be shortened to just one if somebody would just get me this watch – without any kittens on it!

The tinier the electronic device, the more tech-people want to mess with it. One request for next year; please, DO NOT put Facebook kittens on my new watch, or else! Oh, and have an uncomplicated Happy Holiday season!

[Editor’s note: MEEEEEOOOOW!]

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