Intel Plans to Restructure Four Divisions into Mobile and Communications Group

December 16, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Intel seems to be increasingly in the news as of late. Amid all those new developments at the chip maker’s labs, we also get to hear that the company is planning to focus more on mobile devices from now on.

An internal memo of the company, which folks at CNN Money stumbled upon, reveals Intel’s plans to form a new business unit that will roll up four existing divisions into a single mobile and communications group.

The mobile communications, netbook and tablet, mobile wireless, and ultra mobility divisions will be brought together. The revamped unit will be led by Mike Bell and Hermann Eul, two executives at Intel.

We hear the company’s goal is to ramp up and improve execution in the mobile market. It is known that Intel is not a big player and is overshadowed by competitors like ARM.

Intel needs to prove that they have come up with a power-efficient processor that can compete with chips based on ARM. Remember, Microsoft had earlier said Windows 8 is equally at home on ARM and on x86.

Also, AMD is trying to be power-efficient with their x86 efforts. So competition is not something out of the picture.

2012 is expecting phones powered by Intel chips. The company has also got together with Google to introduce Android and Intel powered smartphones in the market. But there is no word on who is going to manufacture it.

Intel has had some false starts in the mobile space in the past few years. This better not be another one of them.

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