Apple 7-Inch Tablet Said to be Due in Summer of 2012

December 16, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple, by no means, is fully satisfied with the popularity they have been enjoying all these years. They need more, we mean.

Thanks to the wide range of awesome gadgets that have been pushed out of the Cupertino labs, the company has managed to stay on top all the while.

As if providing much fodder to some increased applause, Apple will roll out a 7-inch tablet. And, the new device is expected to reach your midst by the coming summer.

The current popular devices from the iGiants include the 3.5 inch iPhone and 10-inch iPad 2. A 7-inch product, which is yet to be officially announced, is seen as rightly fitting in the segment in between.

The device, for sure, will pose some real threat to the Samsung tablets, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and of course The Nook. Modelling a 7-inch device is not simple for any company, even if it is Apple.

They need to optimize display quality, and the device will have to handle existing apps and software in a manner such that there won’t be any hassle for the users to work with the new device.

The device should also be able to provide users with necessary typing space as the virtual keyboard will be in a mess as the size of the device gets reduced.

The use of IPS instead of Retina Display is also a thought the firm is currently having as it will help make the price lower. And, that could help them keep sales flourishing over time.

Giving people what they want has always been a priority for Apple. And, with or without Steve Jobs, Apple is set to achieve that aim no matter what. All said, we will have to wait for the summer to come, to lay our hands on Apple’s 7-inch tablet.

In the meanwhile, the company will also be looking at marking a new trend with the release of the device.

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