Siri-Enabled Rotary Phone is the New Talk of the Town [Video]

December 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Siri, Apple’s addition to their iOS platform was part of the iPhone 4S pack when it was launched back in October. The voice-activated feature is now going through many an experiment among the hacker community.

Lots of loopholes in Siri have already been exposed by the intelligent guys out there. The latest on that front will surprise you big time. The feature has been tweaked to run on an old school rotary phone!

Surprised right? Just read on to know how Siri has been imported to the normal traditional phone.

The hackers have turned the rotary phone to a Siri-enabled version by merely placing a highly affordable Bluetooth headset inside the device. They have relocated the buttons and speaker to incorporate a $2 Bluetooth headset into the phone.

The wires in the phone have been extended to the button that activates Siri and also to the charging port. After fitting the rectangular circuit board in the device, they connected the headset’s button to the rotary encoder wheel.

The button 1 wired in the rotary phone can thus trigger the Bluetooth headset by shorting two contacts in the device. This results in the activation of Siri in the rotary phone!

It was just weeks ago that a Siri-enabled hi-tech TV remote was developed by a group of hackers. Seeing the increase in such efforts, Apple’s plan to add more iOS engineers on to the Siri team gains added importance.

Going by this pace, we think more Siri-activated devices will be seen in the coming days unless Apple makes some updates to protect their special feature. Don’t you also think so?

Here’s a video demo of how they did that.

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