Samsung Grateful to Apple for Free Galaxy Tab Publicity

December 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, this is kind of amusing! After all the super serious patent war that saw Samsung and Apple locking horns, Samsung Australia has come out to thank Apple in a big way. Not for giving it a headache, but for popularizing the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab to an extent that Samsung could not have managed alone.

Tyler McGee, VP of telecommunications at Samsung Australia, has been quoted as saying that Apple has made Samsung’s tablet computer a household name, more that what Samsung’s own marketing methods could have achieved.

As you are aware, all the drama Apple initiated was to keep the Samsung Galaxy Tab off the shelves in Australia –  and many other countries for that matter. But, Apple did not realize that they were giving away marketing benefits to their very own arch rival.

Apple had secured a preliminary injunction that banned the sale of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab in Australia, but the ban was lifted last week. Samsung has also shipped a significant volume of tablets to Australia in time for the  December 16th launch.

But it looks like the shipment will not be sufficient enough to meet the demand, if you go by what McGee says.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB models will be available at A$579 for WiFi only, the same cost as the iPad 2, and A$729 for WiFi and 3G.

Samsung is also planning to release a 7.7 inch Galaxy Tab by the end of the year, and an 8.9 inch tablet in early 2012.

So, don’t you think that is one thing the iGiants at Cupertino got completely wrong?

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