Facebook Unveils “Timeline”

December 15, 2011, By George Lang

Facebook is rolling out its new “Timeline” format today! DeviceMAG warned you about this in a previous article. Don’t worry; they give you up to seven days to decide how you want your friends to see it. The new design affords Facebook users an historical perspective on your profile. Pictures are larger and instant access to earlier events is a simple click away on the Timeline menu.

This is one of Facebook’s most radical adjustments to date and is sure to stir up some controversy amongst its users. Nonetheless, they seem to have added some awesome visual features that many will enjoy. They even give you the ability to map your history and view it from a graphic and spatial perspective.

One of the great successes of Facebook has been its user-friendliness. Under the hood, Facebook uses an extremely complex set of mathematical algorithms. But administrators have managed to keep it simple for the rest of us. This, together with the feeling of social community it brings, endears it to its members now totaling over 800 million worldwide!

Early adopters of Timeline must go to the following site…


There you can view a video and you will be asked if you would like to Publish to the new format. I’ve done it and I think it may work out! Here is Ann Curry of NBC’s Today show with her piece on the matter.



Don’t like what you see? You have seven days to organize Timeline with your preferences before publishing to your page (apparently, the Facebook people are learning from their previous nightmares).

Let us know if you “Like” what Facebook has done with the place by entering your comments below.

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