HTC Flyer Looks Laid Off; Not to be Found at BestBuy Online

December 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It appears that HTC has withdrawn their single core Flyer tablet from shelves, on account of its successive price drops and decline in customer demand.

Despite awesome features like better screen quality, durable construction, HD video recording, and unique features, such as digital pen compatibility and HTC’s Sense UI customization, the product had failed to find customers.

The 7-inch Android tablet has hosted the craziest “overpriced and underpowered” lineament along with its release into electronics market. Even its magic digital pen was not inclusive of the cost, and had to be bought with extra money.

The tablet which was initially priced around $480 had further lowered its price to $299 and was available in Yet, there was an inadequate number of buyers for this slate.

The Best Buy site, where the tablet was on for sale for $299, now screens a message that reads “Sorry, no results found”.

The fact that the Flyer is small, thick, and pricey, and isn’t running Google’s Android 3.0 tablet OS seems to have poured cold water on its prospects.

We are now looking forward to see if HTC would storm back into the customer hearts with much powerful multi-core devices. What do you feel?

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