Apps Downloaded via Incentives are Largely Abandoned or Uninstalled

December 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you know that apps downloaded through incentives are largely abandoned or uninstalled? And, that provides little long-term benefits to the app developers who use these app distribution campaigns.

According to the latest Harris online survey, only 3 percent of apps downloaded through incentivized install campaigns are used frequently.

The study undertaken on behalf of mobile ad provider Pontiflex has found that, of the remaining 97 percent, 62 percent of users never use an incentivized app again after downloading it, including 37 percent who uninstalled an app after receiving a reward and 25 percent, who only used an app once to redeem the incentive.

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Another 17 percent also said they hardly ever use an app after downloading via an incentive, while 18 percent said they occasionally use the app.

The survey also found that only 7 percent of smartphone users and 15 percent of tablet users who download free apps said that they prefer video ads that take over the screen and force users to watch a video.

And, about one third of users – 35 percent of smartphone and 34 percent of tablet owners – expressed concerns that mobile video ads will increase their data costs.

This might be troubling for rich media ads, which have fetched higher impression rates but may not be as attractive to end users.

Obviously, most people would like to avoid ads. But they may not be as enamored with big videos and animation after they get used to the novelty.

Implementation of the optimal model for the users is still in a dilemma as there is no clear cut idea of such a model now and hopefully it will be coming around soon.

What is your take on these findings?

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