Verizon Galaxy Nexus Unboxed Before Official Date

December 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The fun is over for Verizon. The wireless network was keeping the Galaxy Nexus away from prying eyes, at least until the launch.

But some shops have managed to risk it and get the gift out early. The release date was pushed out to this week, so that meant many of the shops had the stock in waiting.

With so many shops filled with the goods, many customers were bound to try and get their hands on some. And that has happened successfully.

Some of the shopkeepers, like those in Best Buy and some Verizon outlets, were only too happy to hand over the highly-anticipated handset to anxious customers. And we heard that customers could successfully activate their SIM without any hassle.

So that shows there’s no temporary block on early activations. The Verizon edition of the Galaxy Nexus is similar to the international version.

The only difference is the switch to CDMA for voice and LTE for the main data source. Moreover, the smartphone has been made slightly thicker (around 9.5mm) to allow for a bigger battery that would support LTE.

Customers have been waiting for the Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich for quite some time now, but the smartphone kept getting delayed due to some reasons. The favorite official date at present is December 15.

Customers can get it for $300 on a contract. If you already unboxed one at a retail store, then tell us how it works for you.

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