[UPDATE: We’ve Now Got A Trailer] Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Coming To Consoles In 2012

December 12, 2011, By Christian Davis

Update: We’ve just added the launch trailer for the game to the bottom of the post.

If you haven’t noticed, fighting games are on the rise and is being welcomed with open arms. All of our favorites are making a return and one of those is Namco’s classic franchise, Tekken. It’s coming back to the consoles with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 next holiday season.

Yes, that may be a long time for now, but good things come to those who wait right? According to the VP of marketing Carlson Choi, Tekken Tag sold 40 million copies to date and it’s no surprise that fans have been wanting another one. The sequel to 2000’s Tekken Tag has been in the arcade for some time now and since those are a dying breed in the states, we’re finally going to get our hands on the title.

It won’t be just a port either. The game will even “host of all-new features that have yet to be revealed.” We love seeing new additions to the game though I feel bad for those who won’t be seeing them on the arcade cabinets. Until this game is out you can play the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken title which looks to be a lot of fun especially with the introduction of GEMS which add character buffs mid match and four player combat.

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