Rubber Band Fun: Macro Lens Band Helps You Click Photos with Extended Zoom

December 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You have found that almost all rubber bands were good for launching paper missiles at your co-workers and also in making unnecessarily large balls. Until now, that is!

We have now stumbled upon an amazing piece of gadget that utilizes the feature of a rubber band by embedding a lens to it. This innovation enables users to achieve extended zoom for their phone camera.

It has been built in such a way that the lens will transform cell phone photos from good-for-nothing to awesome by giving the pictures stunningly sharp details.

See the curious detail of your own eye, get a close-up of the sprinkles on your ice cream cone or see what an ant’s face really looks like!

This might just be the smartest and simplest cell phone add-on lens, ever! It’s called the Macro Cell Lens Band, and is a little more than a macro lens embedded in a rubber band.

The cute little thing comes from the photo-gadget supremos at Photojojo.

Thanks to its simple design, it will fit onto pretty much any cell phone (although some of the latest giant-screen Android handsets will find it difficult to deal with).

Users can wear the band around their wrist, live strong-style, letting the lens collect sebum and skin flakes until they need to take a close-up picture.

And then, it snaps into action, letting you focus up close and magnify tiny objects for a big photographic impact.

The band can be kept safely on its own credit-card sized holder and costs around $15.

Now, don’t rush to pick it up, as we just heard that the band is currently out of stock.

May be you are willing to wait, right?

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