Apple iPad 3 Rumored to Ship 9.8 Million Tablets Early Next Year

December 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The whole world is waiting to see what the proposed iPad 3 is going to deliver. Apple’s next generation slate is expected to hit stores early in 2012, amidst release rumors (which we aren’t surprised to hear).

Supplier rumors speak of the release dates to be positioned between March and April and that the iPad 3 won’t be launching early. Apple still occupies the top spot in the market and iPad continues to be the top selling tablet with a record of selling 25 million worldwide.

More and more people are adapting to the exceptional touch screen technology where Apple is in the commanding position. According to Kevin Chang, Citibank analyst, Foxconn would start production with all-out supply around February.

Details on the differences between the old model and the new model would possibly emerge soon. Apple would make about 14 million to 15 million iPad 2 units in the fall and would reduce the number to 4 million to 5 million in the winter.

The huge drop in production over this short period is seen as a measure taken to make way for the entry of the third generation iPad whose production has started. Around 9.8 million tablets are expected to arrive in markets between March and April of 2012.

The company is targeting a combined 13.5 million to 14.5 million tablets in markets, including iPad 2 during this period. You might recall that the iPad 3 rumors began even before the iPad 2 hit store shelves back in March.

It is still a bit hazy on what the iPad 3 specs are, but the 2048×1536 display and a powerful A6 processor are the most probable additions.

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