Apple Searching for iOS Software Engineers; Hints at Siri API Improvement

December 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems Apple is working hard on their new feature, Siri, that made its debut with the iPhone 4S. It seems the Cupertino-based company has already made two job openings for experienced iOS software engineers.

This lookout for new hands and brains is, reportedly, to improve the Siri API. Dan Keen, Apple’s Siri user interface manger commented that they are trying to add more features and wants to make the new version more powerful.

He explained that the new iOS software engineer will have to help them in analyzing the data and behaviors and make the necessary implementations in the Siri API. In the end, they expect a strong API design to maintain the communications ideal.

A senior iOS software engineer has been added to the team to make the UI more attractive. They have to implement the conversation view and its many different actions in the UI.

Along with this, they will be having clients of their code and will make their contributions to develop and support a clear API. It is interesting to note that Apple wants the applicants to be familiar with UNIX, especially the Mac OS X and also needs a passion for the Macintosh platform.

Hearing this, we think Apple is trying to port Siri on to the upcoming Mac devices. There have been talks of Apple’s intent of using Siri on Apple HDTV.

It is rumored that Apple will be opening the virtual voice activated feature to the third party developers. There is also some speculation that Apple may make Siri’s structure more secure, as it has been hacked and an iPhone 4 version for rooted handsets posted in the wild.

Siri supports English, French and German languages.

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