T-Mobile G2X Replays Update

December 7, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Updates are rolling from the T-Mobile backyard. The carrier is gearing up to release a pair of updates for major smartphones in its kitty.

The confirmed one is for the G2X. The device will be getting an upgrade in Android 2.3.

This is actually a re-run. The network had earlier issued out the updates for the LG handset before, but they hope to catch those devices that missed out on the last update.

If you are an LG G2X owner, you should be receiving the update notifications anytime this Monday. But even if you miss that your device will get the update automatically.

The above was confirmed news. Now we have a bit of a rumor running parallel.

It seems the HTC Radar 4G is en route to getting its very own update. The device built on the Windows Phone 7.5 platform is said to rope in hotspot sharing.

Even though it hasn’t been brought to light, this feature already comes preloaded with the operating system. Also rumored to tag along are the customization support and full ringtone downloading.

We also heard of tweaks that enable users with hidden SSID to connect to WiFi networks. Visual voicemail fixes are also expected.

The Radar 4G is deemed to get the update on Wednesday. If you are going to wait for it, it would do you good to do an update check while tethered with the Zune app on Windows.

But remember, that’s no official word, so you have got to tell us whether the rumor comes true.

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