Adobe Security Targeted Once Again

December 7, 2011, By George Lang

Adobe has been targeted once again, this time by a new malware scheme designed to obtain your personal banking information. If you receive an email asking you to upgrade or update any of your Adobe products by clicking on an attached file, DO NOT do it! By doing so your computer may end up infected with a nasty Trojan horse.

According to Sophos’ writer Graham Cluley, “Computer users need to learn that Adobe never sends up software updates as an email attachment, and any legitimate upgrades should always be downloaded from Adobe’s own website” (Sophos). The Subject of the email will be: Adobe Software Upgrade Notification ID: [random number] Adobe products will inform the user of available updates when their software is opened. Approving these updates is perfectly safe. The emailed attached .zip file, on the other hand, if run by clicking, installs a nasty form of the infamous Zeus Trojan virus.

Adobe has been victimized quite often recently by security issues as reported in earlier DeviceMAG articles. Most of the issues have been related to Adobe’s Flash Player software (vulnerabilities). This DeviceMAG article eerily predicted the ultimate downfall of Flash for Mobile which occurred only last month.

Locking down your online security is priority one, but cyber-criminals are actively involved in malware and phishing attacks this holiday season. Online shoppers are just as vulnerable (if not more so) to being victimized as more traditional brick and mortar shoppers. DeviceMAG is following all the security developments and will keep you informed when issues arise. Stop by each day for updates and, in the meantime, Happy Holidays!

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