Samsung SE-208BW Smart Media Hub Introduced Officially; to Hit Stores in Early 2012

December 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After the announcement in September, Samsung has finally brought forth its SE-208BW Smart Media Hub. The gadget is like any other media hubs you may have seen, except for one distinct functionality; it comes equipped with a CD/DVD burner.

Now that’s something to be cheered about. In addition to swapping content, you can stream audio CDs or DVD data over WiFi to play on your smartphones, tablets or PCs.

The design is old school- with a slim disk tray in the front. There are full-sized and mini USB connectors, Ethernet and a DC input on the rear.

You won’t find any HDMI or any other AV connectivity as this is an all out streaming device. Borrowing the powers of Android, iOS or smart TV app beside Samsung’s AllShare or an FTP content will help you access content.

The AllShare utility can be used by those with DLNA televisions, while the WiFi features include a repeater function that helps you to extend the range of home networks. Files on a connected HDD or USB flash drive can be accessed remotely from the built-in FTP server.

If you worry about losing your internet access, don’t worry as the hub acts as an internet bridge. You will have uninterrupted web access when connected directly over WiFi.

The Samsung product is not for sale until early next year, possibly late January or early February. The Android app for WiFi streaming is already available, but the iOS alternate is expected to be around in time for the Smart Media Hub.

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