Asus Netbooks Win over Tablet Sales This Year; Company Hopes for Better Tablet Market in 2012

December 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Asus’ Christmas season will be filled with joy. The company’s netbooks have sold like hot cakes.

At the company’s global sales meeting, the numbers displayed showed that the number of netbooks sold were far more than the tablets. As 2011 gives away to 2012, the company expects to ship out 4.8 million netbooks, while only 1.8 million tablets are deemed to make the shelves.

But the lag of tablets doesn’t bother Asus much, as they are expecting for a turn of the tide in the New Year. Asus’s Eee PC was the company’s prize tablet loved by many.

It remains cheap and well equipped and available at a number of retail stores. Last year, 20 percent of the netbook market was owned by the Eee PC, and 2010 saw Asus ship out 6-8 million units of the device.

Next year, Asus is looking up to its tablets to pick up the race. Early this year, at the CES, the company brought out its Eee Pad Transformer.

The slate sold well with its decent specs and pretty $399 price tag. Following the Transformer, the company came out with the Eee Pad Slider and the latest Transformer Prime, but they didn’t impress the market as much as the company expected them to.

Asus expects 3 million tablets to be shipped out in 2012, thus surpassing Samsung’s tablets. With new models in the offing, Asus looks to conquer Samsung’s Galaxy lineup.

Asus owes its name to the victory of their netbooks. If they are able to make the transition between the fading netbook days to the growing tablet market, the company can be assured of a good run next year.

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