Analyst Claims That Xbox 360 Double PS3 Sales In November

December 5, 2011, By Christian Davis

Black Friday, the most hectic sales day of the year, has come and gone with just as many incidents as you’d expect including people being trampled and kids being pepper sprayed.  The best deals on this day are electronics including everything from high definition TVs to iPods being on sale for a unbelievably cheap price. When it comes to games, some of the best deals are with the consoles and it would appear that the Xbox 360 was the most lucrative this November during the Black Friday sales. According to analyst Wedbush Morgan, they’re predicting that the Xbox 360 sold more than Nintendo’s Wii and doubled Sony’s Playstation 3 sales.

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter stated that the Xbox 360 sold 1.44 million units last month, increasing it’s year-to-year take by 5%. How well did the other console do according to Wedbush, the Wii sold 1.05 million, a loss of 17%; while the Playstation 3  moved 450,000 units.

These estimates were backed by the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research’s (EEDAR) preemptive report which also put the Xbox 360 at the same units sold as Wedbush’s predictions. The official NPD’s aren’t even released until Thursday so we’ll see how accurate these estimates are, though with the Xbox 360 selling 960,000 consoles and 750,000 Kinects, these may not be too far off at all.

Do you think the Xbox 360 really was the winner of sales in November? Let us know in the comments below.

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