iPhone Battery Issues not Completely Done Away With post iOS 5.1 Update

December 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The iPhone 4S had troubled users with battery issues and Apple had released an update intending to fix those problems. The iOS 5.1 update was supposed to remedy the problem, but it does not look like the magic worked.

While users do not unanimously say that the battery life got better or worse for that matter, after the iOS update to 5.1, early reports suggest that the update released to developers did not turn out to be better than the iOS 5 in draining battery life. So for those who are still having battery issues with their iPhone, here are some quick tips to get your iPhone’s battery to stay on a little longer.

You can turn off any non-critical notifications to boost battery life a bit. Some users have reported that turning off Siri’s “raise to talk” feature, changing how often your device checks for new data, or reducing the number of services that sync data to your device can also positively affect battery life.

Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg was heard saying that that he does not have battery issues, except that there are more features which he uses on a regular basis and these affect his phone’s battery life. He added that a user’s phone’s battery life will depend on the features a person uses extensively.

ABI Research mobile device expert Michael Morgan agrees that the iOS 5 may simply be using more data transmission or running more background processes to support its new features. He said that there are also some potential impacts of iCloud services.

But whatever users do to save battery will only push it so far. Any undefined glitch is a massive problem to solve for such a complex system, according to Morgan.

iOS 5.1 supposedly fixed the problem for some users, but made it worse for others. He added that the software is responsible for battery drain because the iPhone 4S and A5 processor teardown suggested that power draw was right where we expected it to be.

Guess Apple has quite a load on its hands now. Let’s hope the company comes up with a fix soon.

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