Apple Planning Digital handshakes for Easy Data Transfer

December 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Check this out. Apple is working on camera based digital handshakes for sharing data between devices.

A patent application from Apple reveals an all new way of simpler data sharing between two or more devices. This would work for consumer, retail and enterprise applications, meaning social networking and gaming applications as well.

The patent application goes on to explain several uses of the technology including sharing gaming information, sharing documents, VPN access, passwords and biometric security, and retail. In case of mobile transfer, one or more cameras of the first device could capture images of the device’s environment.

The first device could then process the captured images to detect a second device in the field of view, as well as to identify one or more cameras of the second device. Apple proposes the use of identifying marks such as barcodes or even invisible ink to allow devices to recognize each other.

If you go by what Patently Apple says, each device can display a seed to be identified from an image taken by the other device. Using the extracted keys or seeds, each device can generate, using a same process, an identical digital handshake key.

The digital handshake key can then be used to define a secure communications path between the two devices and then share information securely. Apple says that hiding the key in the bezel of an iPad, or the logo or any other mapped area on any device could trigger device recognition and data transfers.

Sounds cool right?

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