Sony PlayStation 4 Might be the Brand New Project of Ken Kutaragi

December 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gamers, pause your action for a little while and hear us out. PlayStation 4 is in the process of rolling out to you (or we think it is).

This juicy bit of rumor was found floating around the ‘father of PlayStation’, Ken Kutaragi. The PlayStation creator and ex-Sony CEO was heard saying that he was working on a ‘brand new project’ which is ‘totally cool’.

Those few words from the legendary man were more than enough for sparks to fly about Sony’s next generation gaming console. Kutaragi is currently working as Sony’s senior technology adviser, after abandoning his role as Honorary Chairman of the company earlier this year.

Kaz Hirai has stepped into his department as his replacement, but it is believed that Sony might be planning to use Kutaragi’s services for their next console. But then, this could also be an altogether different project too, completely unrelated to any new Sony hardware.

But it’s interesting to note that the PlayStation 4 rumors are making some space along with the Xbox 720 tales. Earlier, Sony had revealed that they are planning to roll out the PlayStation 4 around the same time when their competitors’ consoles will be released.

That would result in a change of the company’s pattern. Sony had waited for a year after the Xbox 360 launched to release their PlayStation 3.

Thin though the rumor maybe, it has given fans a glimmer of hope in seeing the next generation PlayStation soon. What do you think about Kutaragi’s ‘brand new project’?

Will it be the PlayStation 4 or some other mystery device from Sony?

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