Microsoft Windows 8 Public Beta Rumored to Appear in Late February 2012

December 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We might not see the next generation Windows OS for a couple of months. It seems Microsoft’s Windows 8 public beta has been pushed further out.

The rumor wind is flowing by late February as the tentative date for the release. That’s a month more than what was hinted at earlier.

This means we have to wait until the Consumer Electronics Show to get our hands on it. If you are wondering whether the shift is due to a delay or a routine push of the schedule, we honestly don’t know.

The software giant had given out a developer preview version in September. But that was a rough cut and missed email applications, with the software only good enough for third-party app testing.


A beta release is looked upon as a feature-complete version, so if there are any delays in the launch that might be for the addition of some finishing touches. In that case, we might get to see it set out for the hands of regular users.

Microsoft’s usual modus operandi involves releasing a candidate build and then waiting for some time before setting free the full version. So, contrary to the earlier rumors of an April release, we might see the Windows 8 emerge somewhere around June or afterwards.

The launch of Windows 8 in the later-half of 2012 might pose some problems to Microsoft’s tablet ambitions. The company’s official touch-native Windows tablets might see daylight only months after the iPad 3 emerges.

That would make the competition tough for the company. Wonder what’s keeping Microsoft so long?

You got any ideas?

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