LG DX2500 Glasses-Free 3D Desktop LCDs See the Wraps Go Off

December 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you have been a keen observer of LG products that have come your way, you will agree that there is something fascinating about any device you pick.

The smartphones, desktops and TVs have always come with some amazing features that bore the company’s signature.

The LG DX2500, a glasses-free 3D LCD desktop screen is the latest smart device from the company stables.

LG unveiled the DX2500, which was certified by Europe’s TUV Rheinland for its new technology.

The devices are built based on the D2000, the 20-inch glasses-free 3D LCD introduced back in July. In the DX 2500 series, LG showed off two models:  20- and 25-inch screens .

Talking about the features, the LG DX2500 screen sports good color reproduction and contrast even with 3D, thereby reducing the washed-out look of some 3D formats.

The two models now revealed come with the ability to adjust their height. No other technical details of the devices are known.

In the 3D technology, the position of the viewer is being found out by a parallax barrier that works in tandem with the display’s webcam.

This glasses-free 3D effect will ideally work with one viewer, irrespective of the position where he is sitting.

The DX2500 models are now available with a starting price of around $1137 in the Korean market. Stay tuned to know the release date of the DX2500 outsideKorea.

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