Who We’d Like To See In Sony’s Brawler (Part 1)

November 28, 2011, By Christian Davis

Whether you believe it or not, Sony is making a Smash Bros. Brawl style game with their characters as opposed to Nintendo’s. Fighting games are on the rise and you’d naturally see more companies dive into the genre. Whether you think this is a good idea or not, the question that should immediately populate in your mind is who the character roster will consist of. Naturally, you’ll think of characters for the most immediate console generation (Kratos, Nathan Drake, etc…) and that does make a lot of sense. There are a lot of new and iconic characters that came along with the Playstation 3. Though, with Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series, they went back into their character archive and revitalized some characters that were overlooked or simply forgotten about. The original Playstation and Playstation 2 had quite a wide variety of characters that you may have could make great characters in a fighting game and hopefully Sony goes back to re-introduce these characters to the new generation of gamers. That’s also the charming part about the idea of this game; the nostalgia that could potentially come with it that could bring a lot of those “oh, I remember that guy” moments. In this series, we’ll compile a list of characters of who we’d like to see make an appearance in the upcoming Sony brawler currently known as Title Fight.

The first character on the list is from a third person shooter that was released in 1998 on the original Playstation. The game itself wasn’t the greatest, but the character was funny and combined elements of Johnny Bravo and Mr. Incredible. His name is Blasto and this could be a character that may have you scratching your head and asking “Who?” With past Super Smash Bros. titles there’s a variety of characters that appear and some you may have no idea who they are or where they came from. Mr. Game and Watch is a prime example of this. Though he was the original handheld of that was released, not everyone knew that and it was great to see Nintendo dive into their history like that. Having a couple characters like this may open up some options to the developers.

Blasto wasn’t as popular, but this character was. A pink haired, pig hating (literally) character is one of the best games that were released on the original Playstation. His name is Tomba and that game was quite a gem. Playing him was a blast because of the diversity in moves he had, especially in the second title. He could slide, jump high, had a spiked ball on a rope that he could hit enemies with an use as a grapple, he had different costumes that gave different powers, wall clinging, crawling, and more. He has so many options to choose from that having him in a fighting game almost seems like a given. When it comes to getting a character for a fighting game, you’d hope that he’d already have some sort of “combat experience” no matter how minor. Take Super Mario for example, he originally started out as doing nothing but jumping on the heads of turtles and now he’s got a whole catalog of moves at his disposal. Incorporating a character like Tomba into a fighting game should be one of the least problematic.

Jumping, punching, gliding and, tail whipping are all this next character had. The Halloween themed Jersey Devil was a game that had mixed reviews but was interesting. The list of moves above are the only moves that you used in the Playstation one title and that’s just fine. Nintendo’s fighting game has a very simple fighting mechanic compiling of no more than five moves (excluding a grab). He’s got half of those completed already. The interesting thing about Jersey Devil is his uniqueness. The purple, bat dressed character only had one game and then was never heard from again though it became that cult classic that everyone played and liked in some way despite its flaws. If Sony is going to stand out in this fighting game genre and stand out, it needs to dive deep and pull out some characters what we haven’t heard from in a while.

This is just part one of the series and we’ll have another one up on Friday. Who would you like to see in Sony’s upcoming brawler? Let us know in the comments and come back and see if your character made the list.


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