Stay Safe as You Go Cyber Monday Shopping; Here Are Some Tips

November 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cyber Monday has always been one much awaited day in your shopping itinerary, we know. But then, how many of you are safe shopping this time around? Wonder why the concern?

Okay let’s tell you why. Even as many a shopping site have spruced up their platforms to give you the ultimate in shopping, there are many who are too cunning enough to make the most of the season – at your expense. So, that means, if you are not treading the safe route, your year end is going to be full of woes.

Many sites out there are gearing up to steal your credit and debit card information, break into your bank account numbers and on-line passwords and get away with them.

There is also the fear of some of those players attempting to crash your system after permanently deleting and overwriting your important files. It, therefore, is imperative that your computer systems need to be fully protected.

Get the best virus /malware protection from credible manufacturers directly from their site. Also, make sure you don’t click on links for them from an advertisement. It would be better to type the URLs yourself.

Make sure you do a whole system scan and check for good installations before you venture out shopping.  We would want to advise you to get the latest patches for all browsers on your system.

Now, if you think you are safe and ready to go shopping online, you need to have in mind a few aspects that would give you ultimate happiness.

When you shop for deals, it’s all about the pricing factor, right? You know you want the best deal and so you need to look at the pricing rules before you spend your hard earned dollars.

Also read carefully for time restrictions.  Get the most coveted gadget before you are too late. Look for the right model by browsing through the model numbers before you zero in on your pick.

It is a norm that many of the sellers could load your inbox with advertisements just in time of the shopping season. You need to be careful about choosing your store. If you are callous about that, chances are that you might end up some extra bucks when you can get them cheaper somewhere else. Also, be sure you are not being tricked into clicking all those links that come your way.

This Cyber Monday, you might even be in for some crude foul play by some sellers. They know you are looking for rock bottom prices anyway!

But we would like to advise you to be wary of unbelievably low prices. So some of them out there could make you ‘qualify’ for low prices via different means you do not want to get your head into, and in the process could even make you applying for a credit card from a bank you have never heard of and order a “free” trial of wrinkle remover!

You would never realize that you are spending more and on something else too when you are looking for a cheaper price.  Chances are the delivery would never come even after you prove you are ‘qualified’ for the offer.

Look for known stores while you make your purchases. Also try and check them out with the Better Business Bureau. If you chance upon a slew of complaints against the seller, you need to stay away from them.

Once you have decided on what to pick, make sure that safe payment methods are used. A credit card payment on a secure site is advised.

Look for URLs that start with “https://”  – they are the ones that are secure.  Try not purchasing with debit/credit combo cards, as credit cards offer consumer protections than debit cards.

By using credit cards, you can also make sure that additional protections like complete replacement can be assured if the gadget you bought is not worthy of use.

Now tell us, have you taken the safe route to Cyber Monday shopping?

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