Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Issues Surface; Software Updates in Dec and Jan to Fix Problem

November 25, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you are already aware, Nokia Lumia 800 – the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handset from the Finnish major’s stables – proved to be an impressive addition in the tech arena when it was shown at Nokia World 2011. The latest we hear is that the phone has problems with regard to its battery charge.

It is surprising to see the smartphone that was released in the limited regions, faces the poor battery life issue so quickly. It is also reported that this battery problem is seen only in some Lumia 800 handsets.

Meanwhile, the Finnish phone maker has quickly responded to the issue and has promised that they will release two software updates to fix the Lumia 800 issue.

They have revealed that the Lumia 800 owners will get the first update in December that will provide an improvement in battery efficiency.

The second update pack is slated for a January release, which will again improve the battery charge of the Lumia 800.

Both the updates will reach Lumia owners via Zune. The company has asked users to contact the local Nokia Care representatives for further clarifications.

Talking in general terms, battery drain problems are seen in most of the devices these days. You might have not forgotten a similar issue that the hot iPhone 4S was facing a short while ago.

Nokia might be hoping that the Lumia 800 battery problem will be addressed effectively. So do the users!

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